Platinum Individual Recognition

More than 200 new vehicle introductions or redesigns are planned for the next three years. Many will contain new lightweight vehicle designs and advanced safety systems that will change the way collision repairs are performed. Now more than ever, collision repair professionals need ongoing, role-relevant training to gain and maintain current knowledge in their role. I-CAR's Platinum™ recognition program provides them a reliable roadmap for continued expertise and skill development in a world of ongoing technological change.

The industry-recognized Platinum designation is given to collision repair professionals who achieve and maintain high levels of role-relevant training that contributes to complete, safe and quality repairs. Training to Platinum keeps professionals current on vehicle technology, improves their job performance and assists their career development.

How Platinum Designation Works

For each role within the I-CAR® Professional Development Program™ (PDP), there are three levels of training, each referred to as an I-CAR ProLevel®. Each level progressively builds upon prior learning to continually advance each professional's knowledge and skills.

Timeframe for Road to Platinum

In most cases, there is no time limit in the Road to Platinum for achieving ProLevel 1. However, if the individual is working in a Gold Class™ facility or an MSO Gold Class Organization, different rules may apply.

  1. Road to Gold™ Facilities:
    An individual training as a Role Rep for a Gold Class facility will need to meet that facility’s timing requirements.
  2. New Location/MSO Gold Class Organization:
    An individual training as a Role Rep for a new location that is part of an MSO Gold Class Organization must achieve Platinum within 12 months.
  3. Employee Turnover/Gold Class Facilities:
    An individual training as a replacement Role Rep for a Gold Class facility must achieve Platinum by the facility’s annual renewal date, per the Turnover Rules.

Please visit the Maintaining Collision Repair Gold Class and the Maintaining Insurance Gold Class pages for more details.