Ways to Train

I-CAR® offers training in a variety of convenient formats:


Live Classroom
I-CAR provides a variety of live, instructor-led classes at locations across the country. Classroom training is especially suited for more complex topics that cannot be covered as thoroughly in online programs. These courses typically include instruction in specific techniques in addition to information relative to the topic. Personal interaction with the instructor and other students adds additional value to the experience.
Online Training
Online training is self-study that is conveniently available 24/7 from any location with Internet access. Many ProLevel 1 and ProLevel 2 classes are now conveniently offered online. This delivery format is perfect for learning the fundamentals in a Knowledge Area at a time and location that works for you.
  • You are allowed to reference the course while taking the Post Test.
  • Once you click on the Post Test link, you have 30 days to complete the test (or re-tests).
  • You may retake the Post Test up to two additional times during the 30 days at no extra charge.
Virtual Classroom
The I-CAR Virtual Classroom is a convenient, interactive, online training solution that allows students to benefit from a “live” training environment without travel. The “virtual classroom” is regular I-CAR course taught by a live I-CAR instructor over the Internet, with students watching and listening remotely on their own computers. These courses may also include document files and videos.
Welding Training & Certification
Our most interactive course offering to date! The I-CAR Welding Training & Certification program offers live demonstrations that allow students to see proper repair techniques up close for a better skill-building experience, as well as hands-on opportunities to practice the techniques they are learning. This unique training format also encourages student interaction with instructors to further enhance learning. Instructors take their time to work with students, ensuring the students are able to perfect their techniques through observation and practice.
Hands-On Skills Development
Hands-On Skills Development provides specific, personalized preparedness for both collision repair shops and technicians to stay competitive in today’s rapidly evolving collision repair industry. Conducted in-shop, the interactive training format begins with a pre-course capability and readiness assessment designed to ensure proper equipment and infrastructure for safe, quality repairs while technicians gain critical hands-on practice, coaching and instruction, resulting in end-to-end preparedness.
Industry Training Alliance
The I-CAR Industry Training Alliance allows collision repair professionals to apply for PDP credit for specialized programs they complete at leading OEMs and industry suppliers. Only certain approved courses from Industry Training Alliance providers are eligible for PDP credit.